Asset Management

In short, we help you appropriately manage your assets to achieve your personal financial goals. Your assets may include a business, real estate holdings, stock options, and/or a conventional investment portfolio. Whether you are looking for long-term growth or current income, your resources need to be deployed to optimize the after-tax return you are getting for your chosen level of risk.

We thoroughly analyze your current portfolio, provide an extensive review of the capital markets, help you develop investment objectives, measure your risk capacity and tolerance, write an investment policy statement, and design your strategic asset allocation.

Our process will show you how to eliminate unnecessary risk, minimize taxes and expenses, and generate any currently needed income. We implement our recommended allocation with index funds and funds that target specific asset classes (asset class funds). These are institutional, no-load funds, usually from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).

Specific fund and contribution advice is given on 401(k) and other company retirement plans. We also provide recommendations on rollovers and conversions, as well as payment options from retirement plans, pensions, and social security.

Visit our Portfolio Management section for more details.

Stock Options:
Our recommended strategies are based on controlling risk exposure, tax management, and your overall financial goals.

There are many qualified retirement plans from which you may choose. We can help you install the plan that is best suited for your needs (you may want a plan to maximize your own tax-deferred savings, or you may want a plan that will appeal to employees for retention purposes). We can also help you develop exit strategies to achieve your retirement/financial independence goals.

Real Estate:
For the beginner looking to break into the business, we can discuss with you our experiences with real estate, the market place, and whether it may be appropriate for your situation. For the seasoned veteran we can help you evaluate your options when it comes time to part with your properties. Besides the simple outright sales and property management options, we also have experience with 1031 exchanges, Tenant-in-Common, Installment Sales, and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

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