Employee Services

Onsite Consultations with Employees
We will review your current retirement plan and the available investment options prior to meeting with employees.  We will spend 20-40 minutes with each participant (employer decides how much time to spend with the participants).  In the meeting we will review their 401(k) account and answer other related questions.  Participants fill out a small questionnaire ahead of time and bring their latest statements to the meeting.

            Cost:  15% off hourly rate with a 3-hour minimum.

Financial Planning*
After an onsite consultation, if an employee is interested in more comprehensive financial advice, we can offer a Comprehensive Financial Review, a Retirement Planning and Strategies, or an Express Check-Up

Cost:  15% discount off normal fee schedule.

Educational Seminars
We can present entertaining and educational seminars on just about any financial topic.  Whether it is “How to choose a financial planner”, “Why should I plan my estate?”, or “I’m saving money, now what do I do with it? – a guide to investing”, we have you covered. 

Do not worry about any hidden agendas or sales pitches.  Our seminars are delivered by knowledgeable, respected professionals.  Sometimes we include other local professionals to assist in presentations, or lead ones they have expertise in.  This adds variety and colorful discussions among the group. These seminars are a great way for employees to learn about important financial matters.

We find that by limiting attendance to 20-25 people, the experience is much more intimate.  Attendees are more apt to open up and ask questions.  Most seminars run about 45 minutes, and are followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. 

            Cost:  15% off hourly rate with a 1.5 hour minimum


* These services can either be paid for by the employee themselves, the employer, or by a combination of the two. Qualified retirement planning services paid for by the employer are excluded from the gross income of an employee, meaning that this fringe benefit is not taxed.  In addition, fees paid are tax deductible by the employer.

The term “qualified retirement planning services” means any retirement-planning advice or information provided to an employee and his or her spouse by an employer maintaining a qualified employer plan.  There is a non-discrimination rule however, which means that these services have to be made available to everyone, not just the highly compensated. (Section 665 of the 2001 tax act EGTRRA)