Most brokerage firms and financial advisors rarely publish their fees. Why? Your search for a trusted advisor is difficult enough without the games. We believe in openness and transparency, so we’ve listed our fee schedule online.

Our business efficiencies and low-overhead allow us to pass on cost savings to our clients. While cost should not be your only factor when choosing an advisor, it is an important consideration. Our fee schedule is very competitive, and reflects our commitment to keep your costs down.

Remember, the advisory fees we collect from our clients are the only compensation we receive. We do NOT receive commissions, referral fees, sales-incentive vacations, or other company kickbacks.

Please note: In most cases, clients do not need any specialty investment products. Common examples of these are: annuities, oil and gas drilling programs, tax-credit programs, and load/commission mutual funds.

In the event that such a specialty investment is needed, Blue Water can access many of these products without having the client pay a sales charge or commission. Rarely are such products in the best interest of the client though.

Curiously, when the commission is removed from the transaction, the product becomes less attractive to recommend… Which products have the highest commissions? – The ones that are the toughest to sell! Think about it.

Pay appropriate fees for the financial advice you seek. “Free” financial plans will only cost you.

Financial planning and investment management are seperate services and each has their own fee schedule.

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