Financial Planning

Financial PlanningThere are six main financial planning areas. These areas overlap and often changes in one area affect other areas. It is important to work with a CFP® professional who understands how to coordinate these different areas.

We have the experience and knowledge to build a coordinated financial plan for you. Our financial plans are about quality, not quantity. You will not be handed a 50-page spiral-bound "plan" full of boilerplate language with arbitrary numbers and line graphs. We will provide you with solutions.

We use an interactive approach to develop your individualized plan. Together we run through multiple scenarios and analysis until we develop a result that we are both comfortable with. That means that:

  1. you are comfortable with the desired goals in your plan
  2. we are comfortable with your probability of successfully achieving your goals; and
  3. you are comfortable implementing our recommendations.

Your plan is presented and solidified with our Recommended Action Checklist. This checklist provides specific recommendations and details about what you need to do and when. Follow-up is included for ongoing clients.  You are encouraged to track your progress through periodic or annual review meetings.

Overall, we offer three services within financial planning:

  1. Retirement Planning
  2. Accumulator Planning
  3. Portfolio Review

Our process begins with a complimentary initial meeting.

Complimentary Meeting: This initial meeting is really an "ice-breaker". It is not an elaborate meeting where we spend hours gathering data and digging into the details. This meeting is for you. It is an opportunity to see if we have a good fit. If you choose to work with an experienced, independent, fee-only CFP ®, you'll be working with one of the best and most trusted advisors in the industry.  When comparing advisors at this level, your decision will probably be based on fees, personality, and style. And that's what the first meeting should be about - getting to know each other.

The initial meeting usually runs about 45 minutes.  Feel free to bring along investment statements, your tax return, or anything else you'd like to discuss.  Our agenda will consist of:

Please contact our office to set-up a complimentary initial meeting. You’ll be asked to complete a short questionnaire and send it back to us prior to our meeting

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