Professional Investment Management

Investment Management is available for clients who prefer to have a professional advisor proactively evaluate and monitor their investment portfolio on an ongoing basis.  This includes taking into account and providing advice on 401(k), 403(b) and other retirement plans offered through employers. We manage money for individuals, families, trusts, non-profits, and small business retirement plans.

We help take the emotion out of investing by developing, implementing, and managing a holistic plan for all investments. The ongoing relationship we have with our clients provides a much deeper understanding of what's important to each client and helps us evaluate their progress. Helping clients manage their emotions and anxiety related to their financial future is a big part of what we do.  Achieving goals is more than just numbers - life happens; we understand that. We help serve as a guide through the rough patches and a sounding board for new directions and ideas.

Through experience, and both internal and external research, we believe we've developed a "best practices" approach. Our ACTION plan will help you reach your financial and retirement goals.

(A)sset Allocation






Our Investment Management service also includes:

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) We are one of the few select advisors with access to the mutual funds of DFA. If you're not familiar with DFA, they are an institutional money manager that builds better index funds. Here's a link to their website, or call us to learn more. We use low-cost funds from DFA, Vanguard, and a few other families, along with some ETFS in the construction of our portfolios. Traditional Investment Management is a separate service from our Financial Planning services. Each has a separate fee schedule.