Investment Portfolio

Blue Water provides portfolio design and investment management solutions for a variety of clients. We use the combined principles of advanced academic research and Nobel Prize winning concepts to build and manage low-cost, extremely diversified portfolios. The philosophy and engineering behind our portfolios is very sophisticated, but they are implemented in a manner that is straight-forward and easy to understand.

We develop an individual asset allocation based on your needs, goals, investment experience, time horizon, and tax situation. The allocation is implemented with no-load, low-cost funds. We then use an ongoing disciplined investment management process to guide our decision-making and steady the good and bad times. Monitoring, periodic rebalancing, performance reports, and meetings are used to keep your portfolio on track and adjust to life's changes. The end result is an approach that helps you realize the potential of your portfolio, and in turn, your financial goals.

An advisor's investment philosophy and management style often determines your investment experience. Be wary of advisors who cannot articulate the details of their philosophy and management process. A generic and undisciplined approach often leads to poor results.

Our investment philosophy and management procedures are considered by many to be 'best practices'. It starts with one belief - that we cannot control or predict the market. No matter what the talking heads on TV say, or the so-called "experts" predict, no one really knows the future. Educated guesses and forecasts can make for some good entertainment, but they are ill-advised investment plans.

While you can't control the market, there are certain aspects of investing that can be controlled and managed to improve your financial success. These are the fundamentals that we concentrate on. We call it our "Plan of ACTION." "ACTION" stands for:

(A)sset Allocation

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