Non-Profit Organizations

Whether you are a foundation, endowment, or other charitable organization, the key to your success now and in the future is appropriate money management.

We can help the investment committee of your organization:

Portfolio Management
Blue Water uses very sophisticated, yet simple investment strategies to provide you with an extremely diversified, risk/reward optimized, low-cost portfolio.  This portfolio is based on and managed to meet your organization’s goals.  Our proven, long-term investment philosophy is best suited for time horizons of 7 years or more.

            Cost:  See Fee Schedule

If you would like to sample our service, please submit a request for a complimentary and confidential Portfolio Proposal.

Portfolio Consulting Services
Blue Water can also be retained as a consultant to review your organization's portfolio.  We use the same investment philosophy; however, our recommendations will be based on retail funds (funds available to the public), and there is no ongoing management.

            Cost:  10% off hourly rate or flat fee depending on scope, please contact us.

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