Portfolio Proposal: Non-Profit Organization

If you would like to discuss your organization’s situation, please contact us.  If you would like to receive a complimentary proposal, please fill in the form below.  You will receive your proposal in a few business days.  All information is kept strictly confidential.

Our Promise:  Your contact information will only be used for the initial proposal.  You will not receive any follow-up correspondence from Blue Water unless you initiate or request it.

Proposal Form

What is the amount of your organization's portfolio?
How much money is being withdrawn annually from the portfolio?
How much money is added annually to the portfolio?
What is the expected time horizon of this portfolio?
What rate of return are you trying to achieve?
Considering your entire portfolio, approximately what percentages are you currently invested in the following categories?
Cash & Equivalents
Mutual Funds (including ETFs)
Real Estate
Hedge Funds
Who manages your organization's portfolio now?
How much do they charge?
Does your organization have a written investment policy, and do you follow it?
What is the single most important thing you would like to improve about your portfolio?
Other comments/concerns:
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