Portfolio Review

Portfolio ReviewThis service is simply a review of your investment portfolio and our specific advice on how to improve it. We'll review all of your accounts including employer 401(k) or 403(b) plans.  This is a stand-alone service for people just looking for portfolio advice, and does not include any financial planning advice.

We apply the same disciplined investment philosophy (low costs, tax efficiency, broad diversification, etc.) as we do in our investment management. As we perform our review and analysis of your portfolio, we keep in mind transaction costs, tax consequences, asset placement, and future contributions or distributions.

Recommendations are based on investment solutions that you can implement on your own.

DFA funds are not available to the public, so we recommend the next best investment choices.  Advice on custodians and account consolidation is also included.

The cost for a Portfolio Review is $180/hour (1 hour minimum).   Depending on the number of accounts and complexity, smaller accounts usually range from 1 – 2.5 hours and larger accounts usually range from 2 – 4.5 hours.  A quote is provided after discussing the portfolio over the phone or at our initial meeting.

Please use the following calculator to determine how well our strategies must perform to add value to your portfolio.

Value Calcuator

Total Amount of Portfolio:  
Estimated Number of Hours:
Planning Fee:  
Break-Even in Year 1:

The question then becomes – can we increase performance and/or protect your downside by more than this percentage?  Remember, our portfolio strategies are meant to add value by either increasing your expected return, reducing your volatility, or both. 

We’d be happy to discuss your investment portfolio in more detail and whether or not our services can add value.  Contact Us

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