Our Approach / Your Value

Why should you consider Blue Water Capital Management, LLC? We believe in serving you with a ‘best practices’ approach. Here are the facts about our business and what they mean to you.

Fact: Blue Water is Independent

We work as an independent registered investment advisor. We are not an advisor of, or owned by, a brokerage firm or insurance company. We are completely independent from any outside influence.

Value: We are not driven by sales quotas. We work for you. Our independence allows us to provide unbiased advice.

Fact: Blue Water is Fee-Only

Unlike commission and fee-based advisors, all of our compensation comes from our clients in a direct and fully-disclosed manner. “Fee-Only” means we do not accept commissions, referral fees, company kickbacks, or other incentives for the advice we provide.

Value: Since we have removed commissions, etc. from the equation, we have no incentive but to offer you our best advice.

Fact: Blue Water is a Fiduciary

We accept fiduciary responsibility by acting in the best interest of our clients, and putting those interests ahead of our own. Although you may assume all advisors do this, many brokers/advisors will not, or are not allowed to hold themselves out as a fiduciary.

Value: You can trust us to work in your best interest.

Fact: Experienced CFP Professionals

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® professionals, The Blue Water team has many years of experience in retirement planning, financial analysis, investment strategy, and portfolio design and management. We use our training and experience to integrate our knowledge of retirement planning, investments, taxes, insurance, debt, and estate planning into personal advice that’s focused on your goals.

Value: You will receive experienced, professional advice.

Fact: We provide great service

Blue Water is not a large national company with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. We are a smaller, established firm that still believes in providing attentive service.

Value: Great service is still alive; you will find it at Blue Water.

Fact: We use a unique financial planning process

We do not enter your data into a computer only to press a button and generate a boilerplate financial plan. Rather, we use an interactive approach to develop your plan. Together we run through multiple iterations until we are both comfortable with the results.

The plan is solidified with the development of an action checklist. Our checklist provides specific recommendations along with details about what you need to do and when. Progress is tracked and encouraged through periodic follow-up and meetings.

Value: Your financial plan is tailored to you. The action checklist helps you get your financial life in order and on the road to meeting your financial goals.

Fact: Blue Water is an approved advisor of DFA Funds

We can buy virtually any stock, bond, or mutual fund, but our portfolios primarily consist of DFA funds. Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is considered the premier provider of no-load, low-cost, asset class funds. Unlike other mutual funds, DFA does not accept business from everyone. An advisor must be fee-only and approved by DFA in order to buy their funds for clients. We are proud to be one of a few Southern California advisors to be able to offer access to DFA funds.

Value: Clients enjoy extremely diversified, low-cost portfolios built to optimize return vs. risk.

Fact: Blue Water has a lower cost structure than most advisors

Smart use of technology and low overhead allow us to run an efficient business. Our financial planning and portfolio management fees are very competitive compared to other advisors. Our portfolios also have very low internal expenses.

Value: You will probably save money by choosing us as your advisor.

Fact: Referrals are the primary source of new clients

Our clients recognize our value. They see the benefits of the initial financial plan, the ongoing updates, and our portfolio management. They appreciate our dedicated service and competitive costs. We in turn appreciate all the rewarding compliments and referrals over the years.

Value: We’re doing a good job for them. We can do a good job for you.

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