The Vision

Wealth is freedom. It is not about attaining a certain net worth. If you are financially well-off, but you still worry about money, then you are not wealthy. Wealth is much more than money. It is about the freedom you feel when you don't have to worry about your family's financial future.

Wealth is time. It has been said that "being rich is having money, but being wealthy is having time". Saving money is really like saving time. If you can't afford to retire when you are 62, you have to spend your time working. If you are independently wealthy though, you can "spend" your time doing whatever you want.

Ultimately, wealth is independence. Being wealthy means you have the resources, the freedom, and the time to pursue and enjoy the life you choose. Proper financial planning can help alleviate your concerns and guide you to independence.

"Independent Advice for an Independent Life."

in•de•pen•dent adj.

ad•vice n.

in•de•pen•dent adj.

life n.

At Blue Water Capital Management, LLC we help our clients define and strive towards an independent and manageable lifestyle. Each person has their own vision of what they'd like to accomplish and how they'd like to live. We help you along the path of achieving those goals with an approach that is open, direct, and honest.